5 Writing Tips from Fiction Authors

Fiction writing should be as interesting as possible. This is because they are comprised of non-factual text and hence you should keep them as catchy as possible. While writing fiction texts you should always be aware of the target audience that you are serving so that you will have the story of their tastes and preference. One big mistake most fiction writers do is that they tend to exaggerate the story too much that it gets boring to the audience. This should not be the case.

Your audience needs to be interested in your story and hence you should always keep it as interesting even on the non-factual concept of it. Several fiction authors include novelists, radio dramatists, screenwriters, and novelists. These are some of the fiction writing texts that can give you credit.

Just how do you become an author to be admired. Here are 5 writing tips from fiction authors:

1. First practice by writing for yourself

Before you get into writing for your audience you need to first practice. This can be by writing for yourself then worry about your audience. By doing this you will be able to develop your writing skills quite well and know which audience suits you right. You need to interest yourself first so that you may ask yourself if the audience will be okay with what you have installed for them. While you are practicing writing, you need to ensure that you correct mistakes as you pick up your strongholds also.

2. Avoid obsess grammar

Your English need not shine like a diamond. Keeping it simple and classy is the way to go about it. You do not want your audience to always have a dictionary by their side looking at each big word found in the story. They will get bored quite fast and stop reading your story. A fiction story needs to keep the reader going as they read your story. Have simple grammar text in your book so that you will keep your audience excited to keep ongoing.

3. Avoid the obvious

Even though you are not supposed to exaggerate on the fiction you need not be quite obvious. Do not write a fiction story to people which they can expect what is to happen next. You need to make them curious so that as they turn to the next page they will open their mouth wide and continue reading. Another thing you need to avoid is by making it quite usual from other fiction stories. You need to be unique in your story and do not copy what others are doing.

4. Introduce your main characters

This should be the first thing you do as you write your fiction story. The audience needs to know who are your main characters and who will interest them as they read the book. The rest can appear in the book as the reader goes on reading. The first chapter should have your main characters so that as the reader reads they are aware of what role they play in your book.

5. Listen to your audience criticism

Your audience is your fan base. They are there to give you both positive and negative criticism. You need to listen to what they say as their feedback matters a lot. When they give you a negative critic you need to look into the root of it and rectify it as they are why you are writing. You need to always have your fan base happy and this is the way to it. When given positive critics you need to always ensure that that you do not stoop lower than that but improve to make it better.